Industrial Carpet Cleaning

Every business receives an instant upgrade with an effective carpet cleaning service.

At ABC Cleaning Services, we’ll bring you fresh, clean and renewed carpeting that appeals to guests, customers and clients alike. With our tried-and-true carpet cleaning methods, your carpeting will look, smell, and feel as good as new, giving your business a revamp and an image boost that lasts.

We understand the wear and tear that carpeting takes on over time. However, no matter your industry, carpeting can attract and hold on to tough stains, dirt, grease, and grime that are hard to remove with conventional cleaning methods. Professionally cleaned carpets dig more deeply than a standard vacuum or store-bought cleaner to ensure that your carpets are dirt-free, odour-free and thoroughly sanitised.

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?

  • With professionally cleaned carpets, your business can more easily avoid health issues, such as allergies, breathing difficulties, and other illnesses caused by the bacteria, germs, dirt and dust that naturally accumulate in your carpet over time.
  • Professional carpet cleaners are trained in proper cleaning techniques that extend the lifetime and quality of your carpet. In addition, we are fully trained to avoid shrinking your carpet or causing any damage.
  • Experienced cleaners will save you both time and energy from the often tedious and demanding carpet cleaning task.

Our experience and proven techniques ensure that your carpets are efficiently and effectively cleaned at an affordable price. Calling our trained team of experts will bring your business back to health while increasing your carpet’s longevity and saving you from hard work.

For more information on our industrial carpet cleaning service or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 0121 270 5642.

Our Commercial Services

Commercial Fogging

Our expert cleaning staff are trained to move forward with the utmost respect, sensitivity and professionalism while catering to your unique needs.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning

At ABC Cleaning Services, we’ll bring you fresh, clean and renewed carpeting that appeals to guests, customers and clients alike. With our tried-and-true.

Hotel Cleaning

With over 36 years in business, we are a trusted source for hotel cleaning services, providing expert support and maintenance to each client.


Enjoy a safer, cleaner and more hygienic environment. A professional fogging service is one of the best ways to rid your home and vehicle.

End Of Contract Cleaning

A clean and pristine rental property or home listing is critically important to attract new renters or buyers. In the wake of the COVID-19.

Trauma Cleaning

Each of our technicians is trained to deliver discreet and thorough trauma cleaning services after unexpected deaths and crime scenes.